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On the 17th, the sun moves into Libra and you will experience a socially active month, Leo daily finance horoscope - 4 October

But I still see a lot of opposites. My son has two friends Sag woman, Gemini man , both divorced and currently single. I have a bet going with him that they will at least go out a few times, since I know them and can already see they are attracted to each other. He says no way. We'll see! Thanks, Jean, for this article. My parents are an Aries-Libra couple. She's the emotional one and he's the one who takes charge and tells her to think about the long view and then brings her a bowl of ice cream.

The way I wrote this it goes by whether your Sunsigns are opposite, so with Gemini and Aquarius, you are not. But you are both air signs, drawn to each other for intellect, so that's why you don't hold grudges long. It's interesting you both have Cancer moons, that's your deepest inner feelings, and it is the most sensitive sign. So both of you have feelings that get hurt easily, and the Sunsigns help that. Scorpio Ascendants make you appear serious and intense, both my husband and I have them. I think you will be fine! It is a great relationship as long as there are other planetary positions to help balance it out a bit more.

Opposites see traits they wish they had in the other person, so if they are together, it's a good thing. It's just intense, and at times can't work out because of other planets. Even then many will recall the person as the "love of their life. Fascinating stuff; I think opposites make a great couple usually when they are able to balance each other out, they complement each other. Never thought about it in terms of astrology. Nice work, voted up.

I am a gemini, scorpio rise with cancer moon and my husband is an aquarian, sag moon with cancer moon When we argue it is very intense, but when we play it is like kids. We can argue very intensely, the tension in the room can bo so thick and then an hour later, you would would never know Most who know us can't believe the intensity.

I think its my scorpio and cancer moons that make it that way. But are we opposite attraction? Thanks for visiting my hub and commenting. It's great to "find" another Astrologer, I will visit you to read some of your stuff. Take care. Thanks for this look at the opposite-sign astrology relationships. As a long studying astrologer, I agree that opposite signs are attracted to each other but it takes a lot of something special to make these relationships really work.

Astrology is also a great tool for timing activities which I wrote a hub about. Thanks for your work! Wow, those Taurus women are really attracted to your aura field! My Taurus husband gets the same from Cancer people, he is surrounded by them I'm Cancer too! The tarot reading is old, so it will reflect what was going on in your life then.

Horoscopes show your natural inclinations to be however you are, and tell you your potentials, and possible pitfalls. A tarot reading is more detailed and accurate. The Fool doesn't mean you are foolish, it means at the time you were open to new things more than usual. The Hanged Man makes you feel like nothing much is happening, but you are growing spiritually. The High Priestess is a virginal or cool woman, who has good intuition but keeps to herself maybe your Taurus ladies who don't want to commit.

The Wheel of Fortune means life would have picked up again, but The Devil gave you some doubt, negativity, or some bad behaviors for a while. The Emperor is organized and a leader, a Father figure, or yourself putting things back together. The Empress is a Mother figure, but is also sensuous and loves nature, like a Taurus. The Star is about hope and light, and I usually read it as a good health card.

The Knight of Swords is always off to be an advocate for something, and horses they ride on mean change. The 5 of Swords is about a difference or several differences of opinions.

Astrology: Find Fate by Astrology, Insights into Zodiac Signs - INCOMPATIBLE

The King of Pentacles could be you, it's usually a person who is fianancially secure and knows where they are going in life. So does that sound like your life at that time? I guess just go slow with another Taurus. They are also a bit passive, so she may like it that you a bit older and will likely take charge in certain areas. As far as the Taurus that left you, honestly, they are sort of lazy, so unless you think she's the love of your life and go all out to get her back, it's probably not worth the trouble.

It's hard to get a Taurus to do anything, though she may have many planets in other signs, and that would negate much of what I've said about her. That's the pitfall of giving these mini-readings. I'm trying to get people to the blog, because I only have half the story when I read this way. Good Luck to you! Go slow. I haven't tried sending her flowers or anything 'cause I didn't bother to ask her current address anymore. I just wanted to make her feel that I didn't like her actions. If I can't wreck her fortress of pride, I will just have to return the favor. My feelings is just not something rubbish 'cause when I'm in love, I'm really in love.

If this is what she wants, then this is what she gets. If she wants time to think then, I'll give her all the time in the universe to do so. For now, I just want to live life. In my relationship history, I already had 2 Taurus women. The first lasted for 8 months and this second one lasted for more than 2 years. I have not mentioned to you that I am also working as a part-time model here in our place. We had a new female model just like me that struck my attention when I first saw her 3 days ago during our rehearsal. And guess what, Ms. I just found out from my other male model friend that she's also a Taurus woman.

I think I am really attracted to any Taurian women whenever I'm free. I just want to know her first better before I make my move. She's just I have seen in the link that you've posted in your reply that you also read tarot cards. I once tried this card reading stuff and as far as I can remember I picked up The Fool. The Hanged Man. The Wheel of Fortune. The Devil. The Emperor. The Empress. The Star. The High Priestess.

The Knight of Swords. The Five of Swords. I can't remember the rest. I think I also picked The King of Pentacles. That was the first time I tried this thing and these were the cards that I've picked out. Anyway, you're right about that Taurians prefer to keep silent about the emotional stuff which I can't take that easily since I wanted to know what they really feel and they just tend to ignore it.

I really hate it when they hide something. I'm sorry to hear of your troubles with a Taurus. That's the problem with these opposite sign relationships. We feel a very strong pull towards each other, but we have trouble understanding each other. Bob Dylan said it best in Tangled Up in Blue: "We always did feel the same we just started from a different point of view. I'm married to a Taurus, and they don't talk much anyway, especially about emotional things.

They are ruled by Venus, and avoid talking about any unpleasant things if they can. It's not really a healthy thing. They are romantic though because of the Venus ruler. Have you tried flowers and a note to try to get her talking again? I understand how stubborn they can be, my husband is like a mule when he doesn't want to do something. But it's hard to let a relationship go when it's so good except for a few things. Opposites always go this way.

Sometimes they can work it out. I met mine when I was young, he was my first love. After about 5 years of breaking up and making up, I just couldn't take the drama anymore. So a nice, safe Taurus worked for me. Good luck, and keep me posted. Hi, Jean. Nice hub you got there.

I am a Scorpio man and I was with a Taurus woman before. We ended our long term relationship about a year ago. We had a little misunderstanding before she left the country and work abroad. I still love her. I just can't get through to her now ''cause she keeps ignoring my messages and refusing my calls. I wanted to know why but I am just getting a dead air response from her and it's getting through my nerves already.

You're right that bulls are really stubborn and fixed just like me and I that's creating a big problem in my goal to have a reconciliation. Her actions are very appalling already and if this continues, I have to let my feelings go. Well anyway, all in all I had a very very good kind of relationship with a Taurus woman. It's just that we had crossed the limits of our patience or something like that.

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If she wants to be with me again, I would still accept her. That is if I have not gone too cold for thrusting me aside. Well, if his Mercury is in Libra too, it's really hard for him to make up his mind. Being Aries, you do things fast, both in your mind and actions. A Libra person will take things slowly, but like to keep the peace as much as possible. So don't let it ride too long if you can't pin him down. These opposite relationships are usually ones where you make up and break up pretty much, but many other factors come into play, and you may be just fine.

I hope it all goes well. All your other planets and moon are in different signs and houses. Try a Moonsign hub, I have links on them so all you need to do is plug in your birthdays. I do feel like I am getting a lot of mixed signals from him though and wonder if this is all a part of the Libra man's natural way of operating? I'm a Cancer. I am happy you found me too! If it's a question I can answer with info you know, ask away. I have links so you can figure out your Moonsign and Ascendant on any of the Moonsign hubs, and an ascendant or rising sign link on that hub.

Thanks for visiting! Yes, you know alot about astrology. Plus Mercury rules the mind, but people forget Jupiter is higher mind, the studies of philosophies, religion, or just thinking for a group and putting your own self in the background. Even though the signs are square to each other, that can cause an attraction. I noticed that mercury and jupiters really like each other. Thank you for sharing what has been the story of a very difficult life. I have a brother, who although was not abandoned, seems to prefer to live like he was. His story about living a destructive life and surrounding himself with the wrong people is so like yours, I have tears in my eyes as I write this.

I am so happy to learn that you have matured, are getting counseled, and are facing the issues. That is the hardest thing for any person to do, and we all have issues --even people who seem like they have "perfect" lives. I am a big believer in therapy, I have been in myself because I was born with health issues, and it is so helpful to have an objective person with your best interests at heart to advise and guide you.

You certainly deserve a good Saturn return, and I hope your life improves. I know it can seem like a battle, but as it's said, one day at a time.

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Being at the start of a new chapter of your life is such an exciting place to be. Have you tried meditation? That is very calming too. I wish you all the very best. Take care of yourself, and listen to your heart and intuition when you let new people into your new life! I was left at birth i was born in Thailand and grew up in an orphanage there until i was five. I was adopted and moved to England where i have been bought up by two English parents.

I was speaking fluent Thai so my early years were pretty tough in an English school I was of a different colour and stood out. I grew up being bullied, I felt alone most of my life was constantly pushed away by people and never fitted it. Through my own feelings of being abandoned from birth and being made to feel insecure I've grown up to be very confused about my own identity. Most of my life I tried to always fit in where I can and that's never had a positive outcome.

I ran away for 6yrs to try and find myself this didn't work I made my life hell. But through this time gained valuable life experiences which brings me into the job I am working towards today. I have lived through my young years aged 26 years partying, all my life making ive been making mistakes, did stupid things to get attention, I've always wanted to feel loved and wanted in friendships and feeling misunderstood constantly. I have never really hurt anyone but myself through it all.

The Astrological Wheel

I really was lost inside as a person feeling of loneliness, emptyness and what seems a lifetime of guilt, ive also tortured myself most days. It's taken a lot of things to happen to make me reach this point in my life I am 27 now and all the traumatic events ive been through from birth til now all the hurtful times of feeling abandoned, lonely and unwanted and upsetting feelings i ever had to live with on a daily basis for a very long time just lately have floated away.

Things have occurred in my life mostly negative but now i feel times positive. I'm having counciling and that's really helped me to move on, she actually told me about this Saturn return and I can actually say I am a true believer. Hope this I said makes sense?? Thank you for reading. I just noticed your post. Wherever your sun is, you shine, so even if you feel you can be independent, you are a bright spot and probably the stronger one in a relationship, or a partnership of any kind.

I don't have all the astrological positions you've shared with me, but it's not strange. You probably have planets in signs and houses that help your independent streak.

When Astrological Opposites Attract: Can It Work?

You really are picking this up well. Just read this article today and just want to tell you love the stuff that you are sharing with us :. I have my sun in 7th house, I'm Taurus. I rarely feel like I need a relationship or company as I can totally do anything myself, even travelling alone? I am happy you took the time to read my hub, and glad you found some of the info true!

I have studied for a very long time.

Sun enters Scorpio

Very subtle! I am always intrigue with astrology These infos are really true. I know.. I'm an aries.. Stubborn is something I grew out of a long time ago well for the most part. That's funny about your son, Justin had long hair during those years too but has kept it buzzed for a long time now while I, on the other hand, am sporting a ponytail which I think will soon meet it's demise.

Have a great one! Two Scorpios, huh? That's tough. My son is Scorpio, and my M-in-law was. They will give you the shirt off their back, volunteer until they drop. But they are Stubborn and it has to be their way. They don't fight, they just sit there like mules. My son decided to grow his hair long in 3rd grade he's 23 and now ties it back for work and became a vegetarian at around the same time. Thankfully my husband likes to cook, we're so sick of making 2 meals every night.

Sometimes we can all agree if it's pasta, grilled cheese, or the like. But 2 Scorpios is hard. You'll respect each other though. And understand each other too! Interesting stuff, as always! Well, that sort of makes sense, as both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, you are gentle people that feel the same way about many things. The 3rd house rules communications, usually ones with family, friends, neighborhood, people you see every day or are important in your life.

So a Taurus with a Sun in the 3rd is a much more talkative and outgoing Taurus. You are right, the 7th house rules marriage and war by the way or partnerships, so with your Sun there you do want to be part of a couple. My brother is Libra, and always did things with partners, even projects. They don't like to do things alone. You would maybe do better with a water sign or earth sign like yourself, but I don't have your whole horoscope, so that's all I can tell.

Best Wishes to you, thanks for reading! I'm a Taurus and I married 2 Libras. My Sun is in my 7th House, so that explains it. I wonder if others have this House connection in their attractions; if a Taurs with Sun in the 3rd House would be attracted to Geminis, etc. Hi Micky, I think you are a terrific guy. I keep hearing Joan Baez after reading your hub yesterday. Hang in there. But when I went on StumbleUpon or some sites older hubbers mention, their rules changed too, and they dont just let you post your URL's on there. My best friend was a Sag married to a Gemini, so I have some insight on that pair!

Your mental connection is strong, you just have to not hurt his feelings. Take care! If this hub had a "love" button, I would love it. I mean, as in facebook. This was very helpful to me, a gemini, married recently to a sag. It has been an experience, I must say. Thanks for the clarity.

Oh Jean- I couldn't attract a magnet is I were steel. Great advice dear Jean. You've put a lot of work into this. God bless you. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things.

To provide a better website experience, pairedlife. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Jean Bakula more. The Astrological Wheel. Opposites Attract In Astrology Of course opposites attract in the astrology world! Both Aries and Libra Want to Be the Leader Another issue here is that both Aries and Libra are cardinal signs of leadership, meaning they both want their own way. Aries the Ram. Libra Scales of Justice. Two Hardworking Signs Who Respect Each Other's Boundaries Taurus people have a great sense of humor and of the ridiculous, but they can be prone to self-pity.

Taurus the Bull. Scorpio Scorpion, Eagle, Phoenix. The Gemini Twins. The Sagittarius Archer. Capricorns Are More Emotional Than You Think Cancer people are emotional and just ooze warmth and kindness, which definitely attracts a Capricorn, who loves to be fussed over but would never admit it.

Each Sign Has Traits the Other Sign Wants to Cultivate Capricorns have more trouble expressing their emotions, but Cancers are sensitive and romantic, so can teach Capricorn a thing or two about romance, to be more expressive in both public and private. Cancer the Crab. Capricorn the Goat. Leos and Aquarians are Generous To Everyone Both signs are efficient organizers, one more thing both signs have in common. Leo the Lion. Aquarius the Water Bearer.

A Great and Surprisingly Sexy Couple Virgos can help Pisceans bring out the bright colors or best of their ideas, and help turn them away from negativity. They both are instinctively unselfish, and gently giving in a way that is fulfilling and peaceful, supported by great affection Virgos Worry About Money, Pisces Worries About the Future Unfortunately, they will not be as good at sharing money. Virgo the Virgin. Pisces the Fish. Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience. Question: What do you think about a relationship between a Capricorn man and Sagittarius woman?

Answer: Usually, signs next to each other have similar views about the subjects which matter. Helpful 5. Question: How does a Capricorn make a Cancer feel when they are in love? Answer: I am a Cancer, and my first love was a Capricorn. Helpful Answer: I usually don't think a fire sign like Aries will get along well with an earth sign like Virgo.

Helpful 7. Question: Can a Virgo woman fall in love with a Gemini man? Answer: Any zodiac sign can fall in love with any zodiac sign. Question: How well would a Sagittarius woman and Libra man get along? Answer: Fire and air signs are compatible. Helpful 6. Question: How well would a Libra woman and Cancer man get along?

Answer: This is called a square aspect, which although challenging, can be exciting as well. Question: How well would a Scorpio woman and her Sagittarius mate get along? Answer: Going on Sun signs alone is very little information for me to really interpret or to know about either one of you. Helpful 3. Answer: Usually, Sun signs next to Helpful 1. Question: Will a Virgo man married to an Aquarius cheat with a Pisces woman? Answer: This is not a question I can Question: During a water sign season cusp, like Cancer or Pisces, what dates are the most cosmically charged for a position change?

Answer: There aren't really any dates on a cusp, EVERY day the sun is in a specific Zodiac sign, or it may change signs during the course of the day, so you need the Month, Day, Year, and time of birth to find a Sun sign. Helpful 2. Question: How compatible are a Capricorn man and Libra woman? Answer: It takes a lot more than knowing a Sun sign to be able to answer a question like that. Answer: You got it! Since you have Answer: This is very little to go on, as all ten planets are in a zodiac sign, a house, and make aspects to other planets. Hello Yosy, Believe it or not, opposite astrology signs have a lot of the same traits.

Hi Ame, Guys are weird about dating their friend's sisters. Good luck with your opposite. It's a strong pull, I've been there. I like a taurus and aquarius but i dont know which one to choose. Hi Mohammed, Pisces and Libra are both outgoing, gentle people who love being around other people.

I am cancer and my man is acquarious, please what can we do? Hello Armand, Well, you are both air signs, so this should be easy. She is an Aquarian and I am a Libra, she doesnt let met in tho. Hi Katy, Well, as a Pisces, you are the more outgoing one. Hi Katy, Those are two signs that go together well.

Lisa 10 months ago my husband has leo, dominant in his chart, but he's not a leo sun. Moderate my own commentStatus: Visible. Also they have only one dull n hard way to life course. On the contrary,Leos themselves are pretty much hard-workers He is a real humanitarian even to an aquarian. Deny Status: Approved. Oh, and you are both worriers! Hi Victor, I'm not sure what you mean. Write back if you have any other concerns This is also two parts. Thanks Lisa, There is a lot to learn. Jean, this is a classic. I see you have more than followers -- you earned them! Thank you again.

I already thought about it, but even to narrow it to few is not easy. As they say, one can't make serious surgery on himself. Hi Joseph, You could use a person's traits to try to find out their astrology sign, sort of backtrack into it.


If one is not sure whether about his birth date, is there the way to find it using sertain characteristics? Hello Tashaonthetown, Thanks for your kind words and for reading my work! Hi Sylvia, That's so cute! Hello alphagirl, The way I wrote this it goes by whether your Sunsigns are opposite, so with Gemini and Aquarius, you are not. Hi shai77, It is a great relationship as long as there are other planetary positions to help balance it out a bit more. Hi Jean, I haven't tried sending her flowers or anything 'cause I didn't bother to ask her current address anymore.

Hello scorpioman, I'm sorry to hear of your troubles with a Taurus. As an Aries who is falling for a Libra, I really enjoyed this post. Hi jan, Yes, you know alot about astrology. The friends i say about are no longer in my life. I have faced up and hit head issues that i shouldve done a long time ago. Hi ayu, I just noticed your post. Hi Jean, Just read this article today and just want to tell you love the stuff that you are sharing with us : I have my sun in 7th house, I'm Taurus. Isn't that strange? Hello Jason, I am happy you took the time to read my hub, and glad you found some of the info true!

Sign In Join. Compatibility Astrology Personality Type. The opposition may pull you out of the comfort zone, but also inspires you to reach for new goals. Since the Zodiac wheel has degrees, the polar sign is the one at degrees in opposition. It sounds like they're opponents, but the urge to reconcile these opposites leads to stretching -- going beyond your known limits. Opposites attract, and the polar signs have a natural affinity based on the potential to balance each other out. Everyone has polarities in their own birth chart to muse on.

A polarity can be felt dramatically, especially if it involves an important planet, like the Sun. If your Sun is in Capricorn and your Moon is opposite in Cancer, the pursuit of your central purpose pulls you one way, out of the comfort zone the Moon. Sometimes dramatic polarities like that can lead to going from one extreme to the other. In the above example, maybe you're ambitious but often feel the urge to retreat back to the familiar.

You might reconcile the two by working from home or gravitating to homey work atmospheres. In the stars, as in life, opposites are a thing. The zodiac has cosmic pairs called polarities, which are two signs that sit directly opposite each other on the elliptic and are six signs away from each other like Aries, the first sign in the zodiac, and Libra, the seventh. As two sides of the same heart-shaped necklace, a pair of opposites glistens with a head-turning aura that can leave us wondering, What makes these two hotties tick?

This duo is all about striking that delicate balance between the self and others. Aries is the fiery, impulsive solo star Mars-ruled and headstrong , whereas Libra run by balance-seeking Venus prefers to be part of a group. Aries shakes things up, while Libra freaks out at the first sign of conflict.

6 Signs Apart: Opposites Attract?

Best-case scenario? Taurus, ruled by Venus, is all about those earthly delights, and Scorpio ruled by Pluto, god of the underworld shrugs off the material realm for their epic deep dives. Taurus can offer Scorpio lots of pleasure and grounding in the bedroom and finances while Scorpio urges Taurus to explore the wild unknown and loosen the purse strings a bit.

As the world travelers of the cosmos, Gem and Sag are both super curious about each other and everything.