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All the above combinations bestow auspicious results during their dasha, antar-darha or Pratyantar dasha periods. In the case of Mahatma Gandhi Chart No. He had Raj yoga manifested from the dasha of Mars onwards. Let us see another example. The native had Lagna lord Venus with Yogkaraka th lord Saturn in 10 th house the best Kendra forming a great Raj yoga.

Other Rajyogas. The stronger the planet, better will be the result.


The native had th lord Jupiter debilitated and retrograde posited in 4 th house. It gave great Rajyoga to the native. During the dasha of Jupiter, he led great Cuban revolution and became the Prime minister and later President of Cuba, through dasha of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury till Feb , when due to ill health, he voluntarily stepped down. Lagna is also aspected by 5 th lord Mars from 10 th house and by Ketu from 9 th house. Lagna lord Jupiter associated with Saturn, aspects 10 th house.

This produces strong Raj yoga during dasha of Mercury-Saturn, when he was first Home Minister and later Prime minister of India, though for a short duration only. The native has Rahu in his own sign in a Kendra 7 th house with Trikone 5 th lord Mars. The natie became a famous Sarod player, manifesting Raj yoga, at a young age. Shanker Adawal. Tags Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas. Writen by Dr. Labels: Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas.

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Shanker Adawal has authored at least 18 books on astrology, that shows not only his love for this subject but also a deep insight into the world of planets and their knowledge. In fact, astrology has been a passion with him since his childhood days. It is for him an inner seeking as well as a way of public outreach, especially as a helping hand for those who have approached him in distress.

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Passion, Emotional, menses and Conception - Some Principles. Moon is aspected only by Saturn in D chart again giving rise to Parivraja-yoga. There are other combinations yogas which indicate a certain saintly or pure disposition of the native in his behavior toward others. Naturally, someone who is advanced on the spiritual path practices such important habits as ahimsa or non-violence and this principle causes the native to even give up killing animals for subsistence, what then to speak of causing violence to other human beings.

The perception of the world of maya, and thus the interpersonal dealings of the individuals with other entities in the material world, are seen from the arudha lagna. Thus we observe tendencies toward proper behavior toward others, as well as disillusionment from worldly attachments due to misbehavior of others from the AL. The saintly yogas listed as follows, in effect, are thus opposite to those which indicate a materially successful person according to worldly estimation:.

The rationale behind the above is obvious: Mars, the karaka of the 3 rd house, indicates that most people will pursue desire aggressively and thus without proper consideration of how others might be hurt, or at the very least, neglected, in the process of pursuing objectives. Similarly, the 6 th house is the house of enemies, which ofcourse one attracts by behavior in certain dealings.

Benefics in 6 th reminds one of the Pandava King Yudhisthira from the Mahabharata, who was ajata-satru, or one whose enemy was never born.

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This was due to his equanimity or unbiased treatment of everyone, whether they were friend or enemy alike. Thus benefics in the 6 th from AL elevate the mind of the native to the sattva-guna, in which all things and persons are seen as equal. This is what is meant by panditah sama-darsinah mental-equanimity of a saintly person in the Bhagavad-gita. The 2 nd , 4 th and 7 th houses respectively relate to family, the home environment and the experience of marriage. Naturally, if one experiences stress or anxiety in these areas, one wants to pursue the path of renunciation — provided that other indications in the chart strongly suggest the evolutionary path towards dharma.

In fact, in the Puranic stories of great saintly persons, it is often seen that one takes the path of asceticism and pure devotion after experiencing a complete and thorough collapse of all opportunities for material enjoyment. That way, those things which distract the mind from the path of devotion are not able to hold much fascination to start with, and thus the soul gives up everything to follow the path of sainthood.

When in the 12 th from AL, Rahu aspects the AL or Arudha lagna itself by 12 th house aspect, in reverse , and thus he dispels the illusion that one can be happy in the world of form. This happens through various challenging experiences, mostly through the personal relations with others. Rahu in or aspecting the 12 th from AL diminishes the opportunity for sexual enjoyment, the absence of which little else in the material world holds any permanent attraction for the soul.

Dharma-karmadhipati-yoga: This involves conjunction, mutual aspects or exchange between lords of kendras and lords of trikona houses. The most important of these includes the yoga of the lord of the 9 th and the lord of the 10 th. Result: The native pursues work or profession as a contribution to the cause of dharma. Such raja-yogas are invariably found in the charts of the most advanced spiritualists.

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Lakshmi-yoga: Sri, the goddess of fortune, blesses the native who has performed many auspicious karmas in the prior lifetimes, leading to spiritual realization. The yoga occurs in a variety of ways:. Sri or Lakshmi-devi in many ways is synonymous with wealth, especially in consideration of the fact that the 2 nd house is also presided over by Lakshmi-devi. Thus, when it appears in the charts of a spiritually advanced native, Parivraja-yoga or Tapasavi-yogas, as mentioned above, indicate that the native is more interested in renunciation leading to moksa as a result of the blessings of Laksmi-devi as opposed to material prosperity.

In either case, the native is quite fortunate both materially and spiritually even though he or she is usually genuinely devotional and cares little for the mundance allurments of maya. According to Bhagavad Gita, the crux of all processes of sadhana worship, meditational yoga or mantra practice is that the practitioner is able to withdraw the senses from their objects and eventually become detached from the world of Maya illusion which stimulates material desire. The shakti or intensity with which the spiritual practice is performed is thus directly proportionate to how much tapasya or austerity the native is capable of performing.

Spiritually advanced persons are characterized by complete self-control which results from such tapasya. The following breakdown of ascetic yogas Parivraja-yoga helps us get an idea of which astrological components generate such spiritual renunciation. In fact, the Bhagavad-gita further explains that one can either elevate oneself by a disciplined mind, or degrade oneself, depending on the willfulness of the soul to fix the mind on specific spiritual objectives. The mind is thus the friend of the conditioned soul, and-or an enemy as well.

Sri Krsna also explains, that the mind is superior to the physical senses, the intelligence is superior to the mind through which one discerns the importance of focusing the mind on subject matters which liberate it from desire , and superior to all of them, is the soul itself. Thus the mind is a neutral factor which records and reflects the environmental stimuli.

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The intelligence, guided by the soul, directs the mind to detach from that which degrades it and to be absorbed in that which elevates it. As a result of this tapasya or austerity, the soul ultimately becomes freed from deha-smrti or bodily consciousness, and is thus able to attain moksa ultimately. So the first of the Parivraja-yogas, through which elevation through mental and sensual detachment can occur, are as follows:.

It is important to mention here, that if only Saturn and Ketu influence the Rasi lagna or Navamsa lagna, then the individual is a false sanyasi. That is because the persona or outward dress may suggest renunciation. Yet if Venus, the karaka of sensuality, is not involved, the internal renunciation is lacking, while only external show of renunciation manifests.

Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Raj Yogas, Chapter V, Part – 2

Further, it is sometimes seen that an individual is willing and perform celibacy or other forms of strict renunciation, but then falls away from the path ultimately. Or, it is seen that someone may not be able to observe the strict principles of spiritual renunciation over an extended period of time, yet he has deep respect for those who are able to.

Note the circumstances under which both situations may occur. Four or more planets in strength occupying a single house with Rajayoga present in the horoscope. The type of asceticism depends upon the strongest in the combination. Sun makes a person Vanyasana who believe in simple living and high thinking, possessing high intellect and is spiritually developed. This is especially so, if the house harboring these planets is a Kendra and one of the planets involved is the lord of the 12 th house Moksa.

The strongest of them will denote the type of renunciation as per Parasara. Placement in Kendra is important because then they will most likely cause a great influence on the 4 th house heart which will develop the desire for renunciation.


If the 4 th house is left out of the combination, then the renunciation will be only superficial. Involvement of Saturn as Naisargika Karaka for renunciation is important and the yoga must affect the Moon or the 4 th house mind , otherwise the desire for giving up enjoyment will not occur. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Posted in Varahamihira and tagged parivraja yoga , sadhu , sanyasa , tapasavi. Sadhu-yoga Saintly yogas There are other combinations yogas which indicate a certain saintly or pure disposition of the native in his behavior toward others.

The saintly yogas listed as follows, in effect, are thus opposite to those which indicate a materially successful person according to worldly estimation: If there are benefics in or aspecting the 3 rd and 6 th from the arudha lagna without malefic intervention , then one is saintly in behavior Sadhu-yoga. Note that malefics in these positions give strong determination to pursue and reach worldly goals. If there are malefics in the 2 nd , 4 th and 7 th from AL, then Sadhu-yoga also forms.

Benefics in these positions respectively increase 1 the image or perception regarding wealth; 2 the perception of happiness inwardly or emotionally; and 3 the perception of happiness in marriage. Deep spiritualism as a life-long calling also occurs if the Atmakaraka or the Sun conjoins the lagna lord or if either is in mutual aspect with the lagna lord.

If benefic planets are in or aspect the 3 rd or 8 th from the Atmakaraka planet, then after death, the native advances to the planetary system represented by the stronger one. Other important yogas in the Charts of Spiritualists Yogas involving Kendras Visnu and Trikonas Sri or Lakshmi Devi, Consort of Visnu Dharma-karmadhipati-yoga: This involves conjunction, mutual aspects or exchange between lords of kendras and lords of trikona houses.

Posted in Varahamihira and tagged parivraja yoga , rasi , sadhu , sanyasa , tapasavi. So the first of the Parivraja-yogas, through which elevation through mental and sensual detachment can occur, are as follows: The lord of the Moon sign is aspected by Saturn and no other planet The Moon occupies a Navamsa of Mars and is aspected by Saturn or occupies a drekkana of Mars and is aspected by Mars and Saturn.

Note that the aspect of Saturn in these instances can be viewed in the Rasi chart, as well as in the Navamsa and Drekkana charts.